Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Remington is 10 Months Old!

Remington turned 10 months old last week.

"Mommy's Happy Camper"

We took a little vacay to Pagosa Springs last weekend, so his 10 month photos took place during an adventure to the river.

This little guy is all over the place and so close to walking. He took a few very small steps at the mall the other day but hasn't been successful since.

Remi likes to "help" his Dad get ready for work in the morning, he plays peek a boo and says "ba!" for boo. He's in a stage where he loves to put things in and out of boxes or baskets. He doesn't like pasta but could eat his weight in grapes and he thinks he's one of the big kids, crawling up slides and climbing up stairs.

He has four teeth....as you can see.

For the most part, he really is a happy camper and we're so thankful for our little wemibird.

Happy 10 Months Buddy!

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