Monday, June 30, 2014

Sweet Lil Momma {Addyisms Vol. 6}

Our little guy has been fighting a new tooth and a case of Roseola this week which has involved a lot of crying, screaming and hair pulling, not just from Remi. But amongst the chaos, sweet Adelyne has somehow gotten even sweeter.

When Remi woke up pretty grumpy after a rough night fighting a fever, Addy offered to hold him and kept saying. "It's ok, come to sister. I know you don't feel good. I know, I'll take care of you. It's ok."

Then she entertained a tired Mom and a sick Brother with an impromptu magic show. "Can anyone tell what's inside my hat?" 

I put a screaming Remi in his crib so I could use the bathroom. He continued to scream and then I heard the two of the them laughing together. Addy had snuck in there to "take care of him." I listened to them for awhile and then Addy came out and said. "Mom, I'm just in here, I'm taking care of Remi, you don't need to come in here. He's ok." 

She went off to the kitchen and got the thermometer from the counter and proceeded to take his temperature. After she got a good reading, she left again and came back with some tylenol. When I told her to put it back, she returned with a handful of syringes. When she finally understood that she wasn't allowed to give him medicine, ever, she set down and "read" him a story.

Here are a few other sweet and silly things she's been saying lately:

"What's that?"
Sweet tea
"Does it help you be sweet to me?"

She calls scoring a basket a "hump down"

"Why did Remi just fell?"
He just lost his balance
"Maybe it went in his tummy"

"Mom, I wish we could go under the fence and have an airplane next to our house so when we go places we could take an airplane. But I saw the wall was broken so we don't need an airplane we can just take our car."

"Dads so nice to Remi"
He's nice to you too
He's a good dad huh?
"Ya he kills the bugs for us"

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