Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ten for Tuesday

I've been a huge slacker lately so hopefully this will help make up for missing two weeks of Five for Friday posts!

1. Coming home to a clogged sink, half cooked dinner and crying toddler preschooler didn't phase you at all
2. You started Catechism with Addy and now she knows who made her and all things
3. You made me feel like the best mother ever after Addy's Birthday on Saturday
4. I think you might be the best father ever
5. You bought Addy a Baby Doll and a football for her Birthday
6. You were a little sad that she's growing up
7. This was a while ago, but you were more than super helpful in getting the house ready for the shower last weekend.
8. You noticed that you didn't get a Five for Friday post in the past two weeks.
9. You've started nesting and coming up with fun ideas for the kiddos' room
10. You gave me a little pep talk last night when I was in tears over how much my body is changing and hurting. Thanks for that.

P.S. I love you very much :)

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