Monday, March 11, 2013

Addy is 2 Years Old!

Miss Adelyne turned two years old on Saturday.

Although she was pretty sick, just the day before, she perked up enough to enjoy a fun, orange filled day with family. I'll blog about it later. For now, I want to share a few fun facts about our little lady. I did something similar last year. You can check it out here

Age: 2 years old
Weight: ???? We won't know until her 2 year check up on the 18th
Height: 31 inches (legend has it that if you double their height at age two and subtract two inches (add two inches for boys) that's how tall they will grow up to be. If it's true, Addy will only be 5 feet tall. Which is ok, because like my Grandma says: "The short people will inherit the earth.")
Favorite Food: Granola Bars, Chicken Nuggets dipped in ketchup and Sweet Potatoes
Favorite Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite Color: Orange

Scared Of: Dogs, the vacuum, stuffed alligators and Mom's blow dryer
Dislikes: Trying new foods and saying goodbye to friends
Best Friend: Cousin Carter and she also loves both of her Grandmas
Silly Tendency: The girl loves to be naked. "I nake!" I nake!"

That's our Adelyne in a nut shell. 

Happy Birthday Adelyne Grace!
We love you

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Jessica Lynn said...

Happy belated birthday to your little one! I was 33 minutes shy of having mine born on Addy's birthday. (But trust me, 33 more minutes of pushing would've been horrible!!)

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