Friday, March 9, 2012

Addy is 1 Year Old!!

Today is Adelyne's very first Birthday!

Her party is next weekend so today, we're taking it easy, eating cupcakes and loving on our little lady.

It seems like over the past week Addy has grown up at double the speed. She's quickly turning into a little person and always seems to be doing something new. We love watching her learn new things.

Our last monthly photo session with Mr. Monkey.

Here are some quick stats on our one year old:

Age: 1 Year
Weight: 16 lb 4 oz
Height: To Mom's Knees


 Favorite Food: Crackers and Mum Mums
Favorite Toy: The Pentagon Shaped Puzzle Piece (She carries it everywhere)
Favorite Activity: Reading

Scared of: Dogs (even the stuffed ones)
Dislikes: Being fed 
Best Friend: A tie between Mom, Dad and one of her three "loveys"
Words: "Ball"
Silly Tendency: She likes to "pretend" to eat things off the floor but hates to eat her food.

The look of determination

This was the only full length I was able to get to show off her whole outfit.

Getting an exercise pushing the ottoman.

And if you feel like you need a good workout, check out this video. Addy had the giggles last night, watching her Dad make silly faces. I laughed so hard at her laughing that my stomache hurt later on.


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cody and carrie said...

sooo cute! happy birthday sweet Addy!

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