Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello Spring!

I have/had a busy day today; running errands, making favors for Addy's party and cleaning but I had to take a second to tell you something, friends.


I almost hesitate to say anything because I wouldn't want to jinx it, but here's the proof.

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year but Spring is a very close second. For the past four years we've been living in Albuquerque, Matt has told me that there's always one big final storm right before spring, around the end of February, early March, and for the past four years he's been right. Saturday was a super gloomy day in the 505 (It might have made me a little grumpy) and on Sunday we woke up to snow. But on Monday, this is what Addy and I saw on our walk.

Ah! It makes this sun loving-New Mexican girl happy.

Yes, I am the dork on the sidewalk taking pictures of the blooming trees. I can't help it, they make me smile. They also make me sneeze but I'll forgive them for that.

This pic was taken right before I turned the corner and a big scary dog almost jumped the fence and attacked me and my child. I might have screamed and I might have realized where Addy gets her fear of dogs from. I must remember to walk on the other side of the road next time.
Speaking of dogs, I've been using this big guy, his name is Winston, as a baby gate for our craft room/office. Works like a charm, Addy doesn't go near it.

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Jessica Baca said...

I did the same thing-taking pictures of the trees!

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