Monday, March 19, 2012

A Mad Hatter Birthday Party

The big day that we had been planning for what seemed like months has come and gone and I must say that it was a huge success! 

We chose a Mad Hatter Tea Party theme for Addy's first birthday, which was super fun and super easy. After setting everything up, I realized that the Mad Hatter theme didn't go much farther than the invitations and Addy's outfit but that's OK. After all was said and done, I think it would be better categorized as a "Found It On Pinterest" themed party because everything I did was inspired by, you guessed it, Pinterest.

Our cute little Birthday Girl. The hat only lasted a few seconds, no matter how many times I re-pinned it.

I made her tutu using this tutorial. It was SUPER easy and only took like half an hour. I think Addy might need a few more of these.

Twelve months of our little lady. I love seeing how she changed throughout the year.

Addy's Aunt and Uncle and Sweet friends who came to celebrate Addy's Birthday.

Story time with Sophia's Dad.

Cupcake time!

She didn't love the attention at all. 

We didn't get a very good picture of her first bite, but she made the cutest face, almost like the frosting was sour. 

The icing was no longer fun when it ended up in her eye. Three days later, I am still finding pink frosting behind her ear and up her nose. Gross!

The biggest disappointed of the party was that I failed to get a photo of the Birthday girl and her Dad, who was the ultimate host, making a point to talk to almost everyone. I also failed to get a pic of her and her Grandparents who spent the entire weekend, doing whatever I asked, shopping, cleaning, cutting out flowers and a million other things.

Otherwise, I think it was a huge success. We are blessed with wonderful friends and family and we loved celebrating Addy's life with them.


CAM said...

Beautiful party! Wish we could have gone, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Jessica Lynn said...

awww what a sweet and fun party! Happy birthday, Addy!

Kelly-Marie said...

Happy Birthday, Her outfit is do gorgeous!

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