Wednesday, August 7, 2013

At Home with Remi

Our first week at home with Mr. Remi has gone by quickly. Even though he mostly just sleeps and eats, his love for food along with our energetic two year old, have been keeping us busy. For the most part though, everyone seems to be adjusting well and I'm working on getting us back into a routine. 

Below are a few photos from Remington's first week at home along with a few fun facts about our little guy:

1. He has a birth mark on the back of his right thigh
2. He also has stork bites on the back of his neck to match his Sister, Dad and Granmarie
3. He gets the hiccups A LOT
4. He pees through his clothes A LOT
5. He likes to eat.... A LOT

Addy is such a sweet big Sister. She's adjusting to the changes in her own way but when it comes to her "Baby Brother" (which is what she usually calls him), she's only loving and ridiculously sweet.

Hanging out on the Boppy.... we love the Boppy.

Uncle Perry, Aunt Nic and Cousin Tate have already gotten to see Remi a couple of times. Yeah for family!

My little helper.

This boy loves to be swaddled.

Ah the life of a second child, surrounded by all of his sister's toys.


Our first outing as a family of 4, to the Farmer's Market and then the Zoo where we discovered that a double stroller is a must have.

It's so great having both of our kiddos under the same roof! We may be a little sleep deprived, but we're loving life with our little family.

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