Thursday, August 22, 2013

Remington is 1 Month Old!

Today our little prince turned one month old.

I might be suffering from a slight case of sleep deprivation because I could have sworn his one month birthday was on Monday. This month has gone by so fast and yet so slow. 

This little dude is already in size 2 diapers and has out grown all his newborn sleepers. When people meet him for the first time, they usually comment on how long his legs are or how much he looks like his big sister.

Monthly photo shoots are my favorite! They are such a nice excuse to ignore chores and stare at my baby.

Remi was the perfect model for his first monthly session and only spit up once, which is really saying something. He tends to go through several outfits a day because of spitting up, peeing or pooping through his diaper. He's such a boy!

This is Mr. Blue Monkey. 
Before Remi was born, I told Matt that I wanted to buy this baby a stuffed animal of his own for monthly photos. We never had a chance to pick one out but that was OK because Remi's Uncle Perry and Aunt Nic showed up at the hospital with this little guy.

Ah, Mr. Remington, you are such a handsome little man and we are so happy to have you home!
Happy One Month Mister!

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