Saturday, September 21, 2013

Big Sister

It's been two months since Addy officially became a big sister and so far, she seems to be liking her new role. 

Although she might not be a huge fan of splitting the attention with him, Addy loves her little brother and I think he's one lucky little guy to have her as a big sister. The other day she told me was her best friend and you should see the way Remi looks at him. I'm praying they will be the best of friends.

Addy often asks to hold Remi and then talks to him in a high little voice that she uses with anything cute and little.

"Maybe I can hold his hand if he gets scared." I guess he did.

One afternoon, Addy asked to play with Remi. She moved the ottoman over because it was "a good place for him lay down" and then said "Hello ma'am. What do you want to eat? Chicken nuggets? Good pick."

Picnic Time!

"Let me check your heartbeat. Sound good."

Sweet movie buddies.

And while we're on the subject of Miss Adelyne, here are a few of the funny things she says that I've managed to write down.

You want purple cereal?
"Yes, I get it. Oh Mom! You got Cheerios?!?"
Yes do you want some?
"Yes I LIKE Cheerios!"
That's why I got them for you.
"Oh tank you! Cheerios my favrit"

Those flamingos are stinky
"They need to be changed? They go poo poo?"

Where's Addy?
"Here I are!"

"Please put some gasoline on my butt."
(I think she meant vasoline)

There's muffins for breakfast
"I know the muffin man."
How do you know the muffin man?
"Mom please sing it."

"Look I got socks on my hands!"

"Where do cows go when the need sugar?
To the mooooobers!"

That's definitely the right way to play with stickers.

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Jessica Lynn said...

So adorable!! I love reading about all the things she's saying. And he is just too precious!

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