Friday, September 6, 2013

July and August in the 505; Catch Up Time

Two months worth of iphone photos organized and in one post; a short account of what the Danner family was up to in the months surrounding Remi's birth.

Obviously, the biggest event of the past two months was the birth of our son, Remington Danner. But before the little guy came along, we spent several days at the pool, enjoying some our favorite summer time snacks.

Remi, came a day after his due date and just like his big sister, ended up having to spend a week in the NICU.


The day we got to take him home was a special one and that week flew by as we adjusted to life as a family of four. Before we knew it, July was over and August was upon us. 

Brother and Sister // Chillin' in the Boppy // Snuggle Time with Mom // Ring Around the Rosie // Nap Time with Pappa // Hangin' with Granmaire // Big Guy! // Gramps and Remi // Sweet Cousins

I turned 28 in August (yikes!!) and Matt surprised me with his own version of a Breaking Bad tour through Albuquerque!
Los Pollos // Jessie Pinkman's House // Jessie's Other House // The Dog House // The Grove // The Laundry // The Grove // Crossroads Motel 

What a fun and crazy couple of months! 
Here's to Fall almost being here!

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