Monday, February 24, 2014

Remington is Seven Months Old!

Remington turned seven months old this weekend!

For a little guy who's barely older than half a year, he has a lot going on. He started crawling this weekend (not too sure how I feel about that) and he's sprouted his first tooth!

Ah, my little prince is growing up!

Monthly updates and photo sessions are always something I look forward too. (I think it helps me deal with my kiddos growing up) And originally, when thinking about this post, I planned on saying something about how mobile he was for not being able to crawl.

Since that topic is now out the window, here are some other fun facts about our crawling seven month old.

He's not a fan of breakfast, could take or leave lunch but never ever misses dinner. 

He steals ear rings from my ear and pulls cords out of the socket.

He started sitting on his own the afternoon of his 6 month well check and started crawling not even a month later.

He loves to drink water from a straw so we've taken to calling him our little hummingbird.

People comment about how relaxed and easy going he is, but for some reason, he's only made it all the way through church in the nursery a couple of times.

He's his big sister's biggest fan.

Happy seven months sweet boy! 

We wuv you Wemi Bird!

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