Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Almost Three

In just over a month, our little lady will be 3 years old. 

Addy is a big fan of Birthdays and has been asking about her Birthday for months now. If you ask her what happens around her Birthday, she'll tell you that the leaves will come back on the tree because her Birthday is in the Spring.

I love that her Birthday is in the Spring. It's such a happy time of year. 

Since we talk about her Birthday a lot, we already have a few plans that might involve the trampoline park and a few of her friends. She asked to have it at the trampoline park. Isn't that fun. Remember when she asked for an orange last year?

Speaking of last year, I can't believe how she's grown up since then. Her hair is longer, her feet are bigger (almost a 7 now!!) and her vocabulary is larger.

She copies everything and is the best little momma to her baby. She came in from an outing to her Granmarie's looking like this and when I asked to take a picture she held her hand up and said: "But I can't take a picture, I have a boo boo."

She might also be a little bit of a hypochondriac. If you mention a sore throat or any ailments around her, she will suddenly come down with the same thing.

Addy is sweet and caring, asks for hugs and often tells me I'm the best I'm the best Momma in the world. 

It's taken six months but she's having a hard time not being the baby anymore. She is however, working on being a "big girl" and has totally mastered using the potty.

She's goofy, always talking or singing and always asking questions.

She asks to paint her nails, wear necklaces, headbands and fix my hair and on an outing with her Dad to the mall recently, she asked to shop for new shoes. She's such a girl! 

Addy is always role playing and pretending, asking us to say certain things to interact with her in her land of make believe. 

She's popular amongst our friend's little ones despite having shy and introverted tendencies. You might say that her and her cousin Carter are best buddies but she would correct you and say that they are "friends" since she's a girl and girls aren't "buddies."

The other day, she wasn't sharing well with a girl at the mall play place and on the way home I told her if she was nice to the girl, she could have made a new friend. She replied by saying: "But Carter's my friend so I don't need a new friend."

Here are few other funny things she's been saying lately:

Matt: I found a fun restaurant by my office that I would like to take you to sometime
Addy: Oh, is there a little potty there in case I need to go potty?
Matt: I don't know if there's a little one but there's probably a potty
Addy: I know what! We can take my little potty!

Addy to Remi:
When momma tells me to come in here and play with you I do it! Listen up this is important! Calm down little guy! Ok?!?

I'm the microphone lady. You get out of the trampoline park!

She calls the cheese grater the sharp

Addy: Can you say "Addy?"
Me: Addy
Addy: Hold on let me finish chewing'............... what?

Oh Adelyne.

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