Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Almost Two

In less than one month our little lady will be two years old. We started making plans for the big day this weekend and have decided on a small family celebration in lieu of a big party. We asked Addy what she wanted for her Birthday and she asked for an orange and a dress. So, I'm going to look into either buying or making her an orange dress. And since her favorite color happens to be orange at the moment, I think we'll have an orange theme to our little celebration.

I might be the worse mother ever, because with almost two birthdays under our belt, I've never really been sad about Addy growing up. I actually get excited about it. Of course I miss our sweet cuddly baby and savor the moments when Addy isn't too busy to lay in my lap for awhile, but I'm also looking forward to having full conversations with her, to family game nights and teaching her all about the saving Grace of Jesus.

I plan on doing another post on Addy's "stats" closer to her Birthday, but I also wanted to share a few other things about our almost-two-year-old.

Addy loves to help and she especially loves to help her Dad. Sometimes when she's sitting in her highchair, she'll point to all the little house projects she helped with and say "I help Da!"

Addy also loves to "draw." Drawing can occupy her for up to an hour but there's actually no drawing or coloring involved. What she really likes to do is empty the crayon box, line all her crayons up, mourn over the broken crayons, put them all back in the box and then start the process all over again. She knows most of her colors and only has trouble saying "yellow" and "purple."

Addy has become a little home body. When we come home from running errands, she runs around the living room saying, "I cited home!" (I'm excited to be home) And last week when I asked if she wanted to go on a walk to the park, she said "No, I home." She's perfectly content to spend an entire day at home, watching shows, cooking in her kitchen and drawing.

What a fun two years we've had with this little one.

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Kelley Homistek said...

Ok Katie, I know you are a knitting master but I can't find any Danner exclusive items on your handmade in the 505 blog. How do I know if it's a Danner or not? I would like to buy a special blanket for my sister's upcoming daughter due in April. "Special" being defined as "I know the artist personally, and hang out with her on most Fridays :)" Can you help guide me in the right direction?

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