Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Random List for This Snowy Day

- We woke up to snow this morning. I guess the gopher was right and winter will be sticking around a little longer. Bummer.

- At least that means, cute kids beanies (like the ones in my Etsy shop, wink wink) will be in demand a little longer

- I've already had a few sales from my shop, which is more than I ever expected to happen.

- Speaking of Etsy, I'm addicted. I have the app on my phone and I've found way to many things to spend money on. It's like shopping at a cute little boutique in your pjs.

- The other day, Addy asked to listen to "the clapping song" on our church's Cause for Praise CD. It's such a little thing but it made my heart happy and hopeful that the little effort I am making in putting Christ-centered things around her, isn't for nothing.

- I've tried to watch the Downton Abbey season finale online 3 days in a row, at apparently the same time everyone else is because the video won't load. Grr!

- During my first prenatal appointment, the doctor told me that things would start to fall apart a lot faster this time around and boy was she right! I'm not even 20 weeks yet but I feel like I could be entering my third trimester; so many aches and pains that I don't remember happening at this stage last time.

- I've never been much of a baker but I think we might have to make baking a regular activity. I love that it's something Addy and I can do together and since I've developed a little bit of a sweet tooth during my second trimester, I wouldn't mind having sweets around. My hips might not feel the same way though.

- We got to spend all of last weekend with Addy's cousin Carter. It was great but now we all miss our little buddy and Addy goes around saying "I miss Carcar!"

- Matt and I watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" last night and we're determined that that won't be us. So, today, we are off to the store to buy lots of fruits and veggies to juice. Addy had some lettuce, carrott, apple and orange juice last night and she didn't hate it!

Happy Thursday Friends! Stay warm!


Jessica Lynn said...

baking with your daughter is adorable! I can't wait to do that. And I like how you have a sweet tooth but are fighting it by getting fruits and veggies in your diet instead!

Renee said...

So many comments to make! #1 I love that you're bringing Christ into your daughters life in such a way that she wants to join in!! (Im struggling with that one!) #2 I'm about to start watching season 1 of Downton Abbey, so flippen' excited!! #3 Thank you for pointing me in the direction of "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" Hopefully i can watch it tomorrow night!! and #4 Your wee Addy is just gorgeous!!

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