Friday, August 14, 2015

35 Weeks with Baby D #3

Well friends, we are 35 weeks along with our third little one and I think I am finally starting to slow down. With a lot of our friends gearing up for back to school and summer winding down, we've spent a lot of time at home this week. Typically, I love to go and do, but just thinking about loading the kids up and getting out in the heat makes me tired and I'm learning to love our slow days spent together at home. 

I managed to give myself (and Addy) a pedicure the other day, but Addy refused a picture with me.

Being home more has also given me more time to work on the nursery. Things are finally starting to come together in there and after I get Matt's help hanging a few things up, it will be ready for baby. I'm looking forward to bringing our little one home to the same room that both his or her siblings have lived in and enjoyed. 

A blizzard because it's hot and messy shirt because I don't fit under the table. I seriously need a belly bib.

Speaking of siblings and rooms, the big kids are loving sharing a room and we've had a surprisingly smooth transition. Bedtime takes a little bit longer and we can often hear them talking to each other past bedtime, but Remi has given up his paci and is enjoying being a "big boy." We've made zero progress in the potty training department but that's ok. All in good time right?

With our due date getting closer and closer, I just keep dreaming about the day we will meet our little one, literally. I've been having so many random dreams about the baby. In one, we found out the gender but only told some people. It was a girl. In another, we had the baby, a boy, and then I completely forgot about it! Someone asked to see him and when I went to get him from his crib, he wasn't there. I had totally forgotten he was in the NICU. I woke up feeling so irresponsible and had to remind myself it was just a dream. But thankfully, crazy dreams are usually a sign of good sleep.

32 weeks. Photo credit: Addy Grace

These last few weeks have gone by so fast and yet so slow! I can't believe in two weeks I will be full term. We'll see if this little one will be early like his sister or late like her brother.

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