Sunday, March 14, 2010

Selection Sunday!

Today is Selection Sunday and that means that I get to cross another item off my list!

20) Fill out a well researched March Madness bracket

(Click photo to enlarge)
After a busy weekend filled with family, basketball and baby showers, Matt and I got to work on our brackets. I filled mine out with a little help from Matt and the guys on ESPN. I hope they know what they're talking about and Kansas doesn't let us down!

This is an exciting year for basketball fans all over New Mexico because the I-25 rivals are both going to the dance! That's right the NMSU Aggies (Woo! Woo!) and that other team from Albuquerque will be competing.  Although I would love to see the Aggies go all the way, the reality is, that they don't have a chance and UNM will probably make it farther. So, I have NMSU making it past the 1st round (Fingers crossed!) but losing to Maryland in the 2nd. I have to admit that it would be cool to see a New Mexican team make it to the 3rd round, so I have the Lobo's beating Marquette and losing to West Virginia. Our other rival, the UTEP Miners, are supposed to be good this year as well. I'm predicting another upset with them beating Vanderbilt and also making it to the 3rd round.

I'm excited to watch my teams play and am hoping my predictions are not that far off, even though I might have picked Kansas over Kentucky because I like their mascott. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

Who do you have going all way?


Perry said...

Yeah Yeah!!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! I'm impressed with the bracket, it looks a lot like mine, I might have a few more upsets though because I love to see them happen. Good choice with Kansas! I cant wait to watch em either. Wana put a starbucks drink or somethin on it? Lets pick the final score for the final as a tie breaker. You in?

Matt said...

I agree with Perr Bear, this is a well executed bracket. I think we should make a bet based on upset predictions. Whoever successfully predicts the most/best upsets (best defined:lower seed number - higher seed number=difference) the higher the difference the better the upset. I am feeling Louisville over the dirty Dukies. Back to my comment, good picks, a little on the safe side but altogether better than being based off "cuteness of mascot".

debbie said...

Wow Katie, I'm impressed. You sound like quite the sports enthusiast ( and a well informed one I must add)

And I agree with you about the Jayhawks..."Rock chalk Jayhawk" is just cool!

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