Monday, March 29, 2010

Lovin' Me Some Five Guys

We took the opportunity this weekend, while my brother and his fiancé were in town, to try a new restaurant in Albuquerque. We chose a restaurant that was not only new to us, but new to the 505 as well.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries recently opened their first store in New Mexico and Albuquerqueans have welcomed them with open arms. Wondering what all the fuss was about, we headed on over with our guests. At 8 O'Clock Saturday night, the place was still packed with a line almost out the door.

Matt had already been there, so he adviced me on what to order so I could avoid the “do you know about our menu” question. We snacked on peanuts as we waited for our food and when it was ready, I realized what everyone was raving about. You could see the grease through the brown bag! Check out the yumminess that was inside.

 Somehow I ended up with the short fry.

So good, but so so bad for you! Since that wasn't the only thing I indulged in this weekend (My brother and his fiance were kind enough to bring us pizza AND Krispy Kreme donuts for dinner on Friday night), I will be trying to make up for it all week by eating more than my daily portion of fruits and doing a few more sit-ups.

Thanks to Perry and Nicole for making the trip up to the 505!

Have a great week!


Perry said...

No thanks to you guys for being so hospitable! It was great!

Who's the creeper behind us in the picture? haha

cody and carrie said...

excuse me???!!! i did NOT know that you had a blog! now I have to get all caught up!

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