Monday, March 1, 2010

Well Hello March!

Wow! March is already underway and that means that I need to get to work on another item from the 101.

20) Fill out a well researched March Madness Bracket

I did this last year and it was a total joke. My teams didn't make it very far at all, probably because the only information I had to go off of was the teams mascot. But this year I am in it to win it! I won't be betting any money on it, but I would like to have an intelligent conversation about the games with my husband, one that doesn't involve me saying how funny their mascot is or how ugly a team's jerseys are. No doubt, I will point these things out but hopefully that won't be all I am capable of talking about.

From what I understand, the teams are announced on the 14th and the first round begins on the 16th. So that means, that I have less than 16 days to read up on the teams, watch some games and pick some favorites.

So tell me, who is your favorite NCAA team and why? If you sell me on it, you might just get another fan cheering for your team and I am VERY loyal.

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Perry said...

KU! Kansas Jayhawks. Bill Self (head coach) has set up another strong team with senior and leading scorer Sharron Collins leading the way. He, along with Cole Alridge (center) who is a big time defensive player tallying up rebounds and blocks all season long, are both all-american candidates. A key to their game is to spread the ball around, with five players averaging in the double digits. If one of the stars gets shut down, its no problem, because the Jayhawks are deep with f players having game highs this season. The inside game of Alridge and Morris powering away, they are balanced by excellent peremeter shooting by Collins, Taylor, Henry, Morningstar and Reed. Kansas was National Champions two years ago and have the experience to get back on top.

Haha obviously I loved your post because I got to boast on my team in the form of a comment.

Kansas really is a good choice to pick to go deep in the tournament. Also, the Big East is stacked this year, most of the losses of the top teams in that conference are to each other cuz they have been beatin each other up. Other teams to look out for, Kentucky, Tennesee, Kansas State, Vanderbilt and Baylor.

Another good idea is to pick some upsets the first round. Some years there arent much, but others (i think it was two years ago) almost half of the first round games are upsets.

13 seeds seam to loss alot.

Hopes this helps, I can't wait for march favorite time of year!!

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