Friday, April 30, 2010

25 For the Birthday Guy!

Somewhere around 3 O'Clock this morning, Matt turned a whole quarter of a century old! As we celebrate this special day, I thought it would be fun to list 25 of my favorite things about him. There are more than 25 of course, but that number seemed appropriate, it being his 25th Birthday and all.

1. His sexy blue eyes
2. How he makes me laugh
3. His awesome cooking skills
4. His love for Jesus
5. The way he looks in a suite

6. His endurance and determination
7. The way he protects me
8. His super smart brain
9. His cute way with kids
10. His witty sense of humor

11. His confidence in wearing pink
12. His eye for detail
13. His desire to be the leader of our little family
14. The way he makes me want to try harder
15. The way he makes himself laugh

16. His pure goofiness
17. His cute little bum
18. His romantic side
19. His ability to quote lines from movies at just the right time
20. His albatross kisses

21. His love for family
22. His creativity
23. How when I think I have him all figured out, he surprises me
24. His faith
25. The way he believes in me

Happy Birthday Mattie! I am thankful for your life and so proud to call you my husband!


paige said...

surely he is most proud of #17! hope ya'll have a wonderful celebration

debbie said...

What a fun birthday tribute to Matt!

Struggler said...

Love a guy who will wear pink and look good in it!

Emilie S. said...

You are so sweet! I love the way you love your hubs! Praise God for His goodness!

jozen said...

what a handsome hubby you have! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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