Thursday, December 2, 2010

6 Months and Counting Down the Days

Happy December everyone! (A day late, I know)

We've started a few countdowns in the Danner home.

This photo was from yesterday, It's taken me awhile to get this post up

Christmas is only 24 days away and Matt will be done with school in ONLY 9 DAYS!!!!! Woo hoo, we're now in the single digits! He has been a great student, especially these past couple weeks, studying away for finals and working on his final paper. He's actually graduating a semester earlier than most of his class, I'm so proud of him!

And then of course there is the on going countdown till our bundle of joy arrives.

24 weeks/6 months

Approximately only 111 days to go!

There is definitely no hiding the fact that I'm pregnant anymore. Strangers have begun commenting, especially men. They sure are brave!

Setting up the tree seemed a little more exhausting this year. Little things like that have become quite the chore. I attempted to paint my toe nails the other day. They are still visible over my growing belly but bending over to get to them is a little difficult. I was able to remove the polish from one foot and had to ask Matt to do the other. Since Matt isn't the best nail polisher (one of his few flaws), I've had naked toes for about week. Just one more reason I'm thankful to be pregnant during the winter.

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