Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Road: Orlando

After driving 6 hours from Orlando last night, we are enjoying a morning of leisure in Panama City Beach, Florida.

The two nights we spent in Orlando were a blast! We met up with our family friends who flew all the way from New Mexico to Charleston, SC to see my brother get married. All 7 of them! What great friends! They were relaxing on a beach while we were in Jacksonville and we were excited to reunite with them at Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure.

We all enjoyed getting to spend the day together and wished Perry and his new wife could have joined us. I'm sure they were having much more fun on their honeymoon in Jamaica.

This sign was on EVERY ride! Baby Danner and I will have to go back when we can participate in the fun.

While all of the adrenaline junkies stood in line to ride The Hulk and the Spiderman, I shopped and ate too much food with these lovely ladies.

I must have had a bad case of the Pregnancy Brain while packing because I failed to include a pair of comfortable shoes. My feet were sore and swollen by the end of the day. Thankfully, I had a nice place to rest that night.

We had the opportunity to stay in the beautiful Bohemian Celebration hotel, located in Celebration, Florida. 

Celebration is this cute little neighborhood in Orlando, created by Disney. The houses look as if they are hundreds of years old but were probably built in the 2000's. We walked around the square where it "snows" every hour and indulged in italian food and ice cream.

I loved the decor of the hotel and wouldn't mind having a couple of these items in my own house someday.

How cool is that chandelier? 

My photography skills don't do this room justice but I LOVE this long table with the different chairs around it and the beautiful hard wood floors. It reminds me of the Mad Hatter's tea party in Alice in Wonderland.

That's all for now. I'm going to get some R & R in before we pack it all up again and head to New Orleans to spend Christmas day there. 

Only 2 more days till Christmas!

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

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