Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Road: The Wedding

Hello and Happy Monday from the Sunshine State!

Matt and I drove into Jacksonville, Florida last night with my parents after spending the weekend in Charleston, South Carolina for my brother's wedding. Even though it rained and we experienced unusually cold temperatures for that part of the country, the big event went off without a hitch and my little brother is now some body's wife!

Allow me to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Perry Dunn.

This was technically before they became Mr. and Mrs. but it's the only photo I had of the two of them from the weekend.

Perry was a very handsome groom and he chose a beautiful bride. Both Matt and I were honored to be in the ceremony.

Someday we'll tell Baby Danner that he (or she) was there too, even though he may not remember.

As the newlyweds took off for sunny Jamaica, the four of us began our vacation with a little site seeing in historic Charleston.

The old houses were decked out for the holidays.

Can you imagine living in one of these? I would love to open a bed and breakfast in a quaint house like this.

Our vacation continues today with some golf and a little shopping in Jacksonville. Up next on our itinerary is Orlando, Florida!


Jessica Lynn said...

Charleston looks gorgeous! We're about 7 hours from there now and it's next on our list of places to visit! Have fun in Orlando :)



cody and carrie said...

awww, you look so pretty! congrats to your bro and have fun on the rest of your trip!

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