Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Parenthood and Baseball

Matt is out tonight so I get an evening to myself, catching up on Parenthood and New Girl episodes. Does anyone else watch Parenthood? The only other person I know who's a fan is the Pioneer Woman, so that means it must be cool, right? 

We were watching the world series before he left which was actually pretty exciting because not only did Pablo Sandoval, from the Giants, hit 3 home runs in a row, but the pitcher for the Tigers had the last name "Albuquerque". I think it might have been spelled differently but how cool is that? We just happen to live in Albuquerque and we have a Sandoval County! Does anyone else think that's blog worthy? Now I'm torn, who do I route for?!?!?

Speaking of baseball, Addy has become quite the little sports fan. Matt taught her how to say "Touchdown," with her hands in the air and she even claps like Matt does, fist into palm. She actually asked to watch football the other day. The funniest thing was when a dirt bike race was on TV and a biker crashed. Addy freaked out and started crying, but then we turned the channel to a football game. Some guy got tackled and she cheered. 

Here's our little cheerleader in new favorite hat. It's a makeup bag that I let her play with. She used to carry all her puzzle pieces around in it, until she discovered how perfectly it fit on her head. She wears it all the time now. 


Anonymous said...

Cuuuute! I like Parenthood too! Oh and New Girl :)

CAM said...

I totally watch parenthood too! Great show! Love Addy's "hat", super cute!

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