Thursday, November 15, 2012

Home Sweet Home

On Monday, we returned from our 10 day adventure to Portland, Oregon and back in my parents Motor Home. We came home to the kind of cold weather that leaves your skin dry and your hair full of static. It seems fall just decided to blow away while we were gone, which is a real bummer because fall is beautiful here.

We had a great trip but we are so thankful to be home, thankful for a beautiful city to call home and thankful for the people in it. And after the events of last week's election, we're thankful that ultimately our citizenship is in heaven and that someday we will really get to go "home," but in the meantime, this seems like a pretty good place to be.

Since I never got a chance to post these pictures before we left, here are some photos of of fun fall outings with some of the people that make the 505 so great.

We've fixed Addy's shoe situation since this photo was taken, no more socks with Crocs.

I wish I had a video of Carter "cooking" in the Mud Cafe, such a sweet giggle.

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ginanorma said...

what sweet pictures and a sweet family, nice to meet you:)

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