Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meeting Baby Tate

Last week we flew up to Portland Oregon. It was our first time in Oregon and our first time to meet this handsome little guy:

Tate Jackson; Addy's newest cousin.

He was already six weeks old when we finally made it up there, but I think he was worth the wait. Look at those handsome eyes!

Addy thought he was pretty cool. 
We've been singing "The Wheels on Bus" song a lot lately and she loves the part where the baby goes wa wa wa. Whenever we would talk about Baby Tate or whenever she realized he was there, she would do the hand motions for that part of the song and say "wa!"

She loved giving him kisses and even got to "hold" him a few times.

It's hard to believe my "little" brother is dad!

What a pleasure it was to meet you sweet Baby Tate! We're looking forward to spending your very first Christmas with you!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Addy with Tate! She is so sweet with him!

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