Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving, Decking the Halls and Other Randomness

I've been meaning to write a post for weeks, but once again life has gotten in the way. It seems that we've been going non-stop since Halloween. We travelled twice this month and every time we come home, I'm amazed at how long it takes to recover from vacation. 

We "skipped" Thanksgiving this year and spent a wonderfully relaxing tow days in Colorado with Matt's sister and her family (a.ka. Carter and his parents). The kiddos loved spending two days straight together and since none of us are big turkey fans, we enjoyed a delicious non-traditional meal of Chicken and Dumplings, made by Auntie Morgan.

For the first time ever, I broke the "rules" and got into the Christmas spirit early this year. And by that I mean, we were listening to Christmas music a couple of days before Thanksgiving and I opened the Christmas box up on Thanksgiving Eve. Sometimes I feel like there should be a week in between November and December that is just spent enjoying all things about Christmas. There really isn't enough time between Thanksgiving and the 25th.

We got the tree up this past weekend and besides stockings (hoping to make some this year), we're all set! I even re-covered our pillows with a more wintery fabric. Sorry about the bad picture.

Addy isn't allowed to touch or play with the ornaments on the big tree but she does have two trees of her own that she can decorate over and over again. Thank you Pinterest for the felt tree idea!

As of last night, we have over half of our presents purchased, which means that besides a little Christmas shopping and crafting, we can sit back, relax and actually enjoy this season. Maybe I can get back to blogging again.

Addy is continuing to grow and change everyday. Her vocabulary is also expanding, although it might not be quite accurate. She has started referring to me as "me," which actually makes sense. I often ask her if she would like to come help me or go with me. Hopefully she'll figure that one out someday.

She's developed a small obsession with trains and goes around saying "choo-choo! choo-choo!" We've been watching some Thomas the Train Engine on Netflix but it usually puts Matt and I to sleep.

Matt starts a new job on Monday and has had the past three days off, so it's felt a little like a holiday around here. Yay for answered prayers in new jobs and days off!

There you have it, a little long post about what's been going on around here.

Happy Friday friends! Have a great weekend!

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