Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trains, Babies and Life with Addy Lately

My blogging has been sparse lately but I thought it was time for a little Addy update. 

It seems that every night Matt and I go to bed talking about something sweet or silly she did that day. She turned 21 months old this weekend and although we find ourselves disciplining more, it seems she has also never been sweeter.

I might have mentioned her small obsession with trains before. On Friday we took her to ride the train at the mall for the first time. This was quite the treat for her since she asks about the train as soon as we walk into the mall. 

Matt rode with her and when it was time to get off, she cried; a sign that she did indeed have a good time. 

We've been building a lot of "choo-choos" around the house lately; book choo-choos, animal choo-choos and this morning she even made a choo-choo out of two sticks of deodorant. 

Whenever I ask her if she wants to watch a show she'll say "choo-choo? Ah ah?" Basically asking to watch George and a train show. Unfortunately there is only one Curious George with a train and there are only so many times we can watch that one. 

Addy also has a new thing for babies, or "Bay-bays" as she calls them. It might be one of my favorite words of hers because it sounds like she has a little southern accent when she says it. The other day we ran into a friend at Target who has a baby. She started crying when said good bye to them and through out the whole store kept saying "Bay-bay, bye!" in a pathetic little voice that got a lot looks from other shoppers. 

Sometimes she forgets to use her inside voice at places like Target or the Library and when I tell her to ask her to please be quieter, she asks "Bay-bay?" 

Speaking of inside voices, some one is starting to stir from her nap. Gotta go!

More on life with Addy later. (I hope)

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