Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

On Sunday afternoon, I was feeling a little under the weather. Although I didn't really want to get sick, it seemed like this might be a great excuse to stay home the next day and sleep in. After I attempted to take a nap and failed, I decided to make hummus for my lunch the next day, secretely crossing my fingers that I wouldn't get to eat it at work. I made the hummus and everything went pretty smoothly.

41) Make Hummus

The next day started off like any other Monday. I woke up a little disappointed that I was feeling great and the reality set in that I would be eating hummus at work instead of on the couch watching re-runs of Saved by the Bell.

The first low point came when a potential client hung up on me because of a mistake I had made. When I called back to apologize, she hung up on me again, not a good way to start off the week, but at least I had a good lunch to look forward to.

When it was finally lunch time, I took my lunch box out of the fridge. I opened the container I had packed and what did I find inside where I thought my hummus was? Black Espresso Beans!!!! I had grabbed the wrong container! Even though I LOVE coffee, I didn't think it would go with the whole wheat tortillas I had packed.

After lunch at Subway, I was back to work. The day seemed to be getting better until I somehow managed to download a virus, a nasty, nasty virus that managed to shut down my computer. Even after my boss, who just returned from vacation (Welcome back!) spent two hours on it, it still wouldn't work.

At five to five I declared that I had had it with Monday and left.

I came home crying and Matt assured me that the next day would be a new day, and it was! My computer got fixed and I came home to beautiful flowers from my loving hubby and a delicious meal!

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emily said...

AAAAAHHHHH KATTTTTIEEEE!!! I'm SO SO PROUD of you!!! I love the blog, its a new fav. of mine, I love the idea, and I loved reading through your list! I laughed, was inspired, and love the fact that I would have many of those things on my own (If I ever made one!)! Girrrlll, I love you so much and I'm happy I get to hear about your live via blog more often!!

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