Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Start Date: January 9th, 2010
Completion Date: October 6th, 2012
Items that are struck out are completed
Items in italics are in progress

1) Start a blog
2) Make an article of clothing
3) Write a book review
4) Give a homemade gift
5) Create a photo book on
6) Post something on Etsy
7) Make something out of wine corks

8) Memorize a verse in each book of the Bible (0/67)
Genesis 12:2 "You shall be a blessing"
9) Memorize 50 new verses (1/50)
Romans 5:8
10) Read the entire Bible
11) Join the 5 O'Clock Club and attempt the 28 Day Challenge

12) Make and send Valentine's Day cards
13) Buy a new dress and wear it Easter Sunday
14) Color Easter Eggs
15) Watch "It's a Wonderful Life" from beginning to end and try to gain a new appreciation for it
16) Make another Christmas video for my Grandparents
17) Build a snow man
18) Make and send Christmas cards
19) Go ice skating

20) Fill out a well researched March Madness Bracket
21) Finish the LOST Series
22) Learn to play poker
23) Enter a contest
24) Learn 5 new songs on the piano (0/5)
25) Get my hair cut with bangs
26) Try a new restaurant in ABQ once a month (0/34)
Nob Hill Bar and Grill
27) Apply to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune
28) Learn to line dance
29) Read a Harry Potter book
30) Read "My Life in France" by Julia Child
31) Buy something off of Etsy
32) Try a Turducken
33) Try an egg cooked every way possible
34) Ride a moped
35) Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop
36) Try all 31 flavors at Baskin Robins (0/31)

37) Finish our Honeymoon Scrapbook
38) Make a new dish by myself every night for a week
39) Have a fondue night
40) Find something to put on the bare wall in our dinning room
41) Make Hummus
42) Make a cobbler
43) Make all the dishes in my family recipe book
44) Bake a cake from scratch
45) Organize my closet once a year (0/3)
46) Host a Murder Mystery Party
47) Make Birthday, Thank you, Congratulations cards to have on hand
48) Learn to knit

49) Hike another 14,000 foot mountain
50) Go on a picnic
51) Go 2 stepping
52) Visit a state I have never been to
53) Go to a wine festival
54) Go somewhere I have never been in New Mexico
55) Visit the Grand Canyon
56) See a Ballet
57) Go on a bike ride
58) Ride on the Rail Runner
59) Go back to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria
60) Go to a Taylor Swift Concert
61) Visit a Napa Valley Winery

62) Call a family member/friend once a week just to visit
63) Have a guest in our house at least once a month (1/34)
64) Send 10 "thinking of you" cards (0/10)
65) Bake cookies and give them to our neighbors

66) Read an entire newspaper front to back
67) Read 3 Biographies (0/3)
The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
68) Complete a USA Today puzzle section all by myself
69) Watch 3 Documentaries
70) Learn Conversational Spanish
71) Read 3 Historical books

72) Use an exercise ball as a chair at work for one month
73) Workout over my lunch break for two weeks straight
74) Do 10 push ups all at once
75) Run/walk a marathon
76) Get at least 10 hours of sleep everyday for a week
77) Go a week without caffeine

78) Write a love note
79) Plan an awesome surprise anniversary trip for my hubby and I
80) Actually pull off the surprise part
81) Buy sexy PJ's and throw out those old baggy shirts
82) Spend an entire weekend computer/internet free once a year (0/3)
83) Spend an entire day doing only what Matt wants to do
84) Read one book on marriage a year (0/3)
The 5 Love Languages

85) Get a make over
86) Spend a weekend by the pool
87) Get a professional massage
88) Order Room Service
89) Go to a real spa
90) Spend an afternoon at a book store
91) Get a pedicure

92) See Matt graduate from Law School
93) Get Pregnant
94) See my little brother get married

95) Get to work early everyday for a week
96) Earn a $300+ bonus
97) Discover 5 new pieces of business

98) Pay for a stranger's coffee
99) Donate an entire day to charity
100) Go an entire day without multi-tasking
101) Donate $1 for every task not completed

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Struggler said...

Awesome list!
Now I come to think of it, many of your items are subconscious "should-do"s of mine that I have not articulated.
I love your one of spending a day doing only what your guy wants to do...
I may need to pinch some of these!

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