Saturday, January 9, 2010

Drum Roll Please....

Today is the official start date of this huge project I have taken on, completing 101 things in 1001 days.  I have to admit, I am pretty excited about having a project and am even more excited about some of the things I get to do.

Let's start things off by crossing something off the list!

1) Start a blog

Finally! Phew! I did it! I started my very own blog and now it is out there for all the world to see, which, I must say, is a little intimidating, but I'll get over it. It just fills good to have my first task completed.

Looking over my list, I am most excited about:

5) Create a photo book on (If you have not been to this website, check it out. This is a really fun way to get creative and do something with all those pictures you're saving)

9) Memorize 50 new verses (0/50)

12) Buy a new dress and wear it Easter Sunday (I am always excited for new clothes!)

25) Get my hair cut with bangs (I am in desperate need of a new look)

60) Go to a Taylor Swift Concert (This might be a long shot, but a girl can dream)

72) Use an exercise ball as a chair at work for one month (I seriously laugh out loud just thinking about this)

79) Plan an awesome surprise anniversary trip for my hubby and I

93) Get Pregnant (This might not happen for awhile since we are not "trying" as of yet, but it's so fun to think about)

I am a little nervous about: 

68) Complete a USA Today puzzle section all by myself (This one might end up costing me, those things are hard!) 

75) Run/walk a marathon

93) Get Pregnant (From what I have heard, child birth isn't a walk in the park)

There you have it, all the emotions I have attached to this thing. Next up: Making Hummus! I have my can of chick peas and am ready for some yummy in my tummy!

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Monica Lee said...

Ok so I'M excited for you to go to a Taylor Swift concert..cuz I wanna go too! LOL

I'm excited for when you use an exercise ball as a chair at work..cuz that'll just be funny. (I am sure you'll fall atleast once so THAT is worth the anticipation)

AND getting pregnant! Cuz you'd be such a cute mommy and a REALLY good one at that!

So there it is. My two cents ;0)

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