Friday, January 29, 2010

Falling Behind

There is an item on my list that I am supposed to be doing every week. I put it on the list partly because it's something I should already be doing and something I want to be better at doing, but when I think about it, I kinda cringe a little. It's been three weeks since I started this project and I am sad to say that I am 0 for 3.

62) Call a family member/friend once a week just to visit (0/143)

It sounds easy enough, and it probably is for a lot of people. My problem is that I really don't like talking on the phone. It doesn't really bother me when it's for work, in fact, I really like doing it when I have a real purpose for my call but calling someone up just to shoot the breeze isn't my thing. I would much rather talk to them in person. Unfortuneately I only get that opportunity once every couple months, if that, with most of my friends and family who live hours away.

I could list several reasons I don't enjoy it, like awkward silences and nothing to talk about, but it really comes down to me being lazy and selfish with my time. I need to change this. I value the relationships I have and want them to last. I want to be a part of the people's lives I have moved away from, even though it may be remotely. And even though, I may prefer email, Facebook or person to person conversation, I resolve to disregard my feelings and commit to staying in touch!

So, if you feel like chatting, give me a call! I am going to do my best to overcome my instinct of pressing that convenient little ignore button or silencing my phone. I will turn off the TV, put down the book, stop whatever I am doing and actually give my full attention to the person on the other end.

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