Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Air Up There

After 25 years of living in the 505 and attending the Balloon Fiesta, Matt has never had a chance to ride in a hot air balloon... until this year.

One of the pluses of my rather long week was sharing this opportunity with my hubby, who totally deserves a fun little treat after living and dealing with my pregnant self. In return, he said I could share his photos with you.

This was taken with the camera on my phone, right before he took off.

There he goes!

One of those little bitty dots is me, waiving safely from the ground

Looks like it was a beautiful ride!

This was a competition day so the balloons all took off from other locations. Their goal was to drop bing bags on targets on the field.

We live in such a pretty place

They ended up landing in a neighborhood full of trees, right next to the river. It was hard to keep a visual on them. The car I was in got to claim "FOS" (First On Sight). This is a big deal among the chase crew and everyone else was pretty jealous.

When we finally found them, they were just hanging out in someone's back yard waiting for us.

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Struggler said...

Ahh, I love balloons. My only ride (so far) was in Vermont, to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. I do recall, the whole landing experience was pretty random!

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