Monday, October 11, 2010

Just A Little Kick

According to all the books and the information online, the fourth month of pregnancy is when you might begin to feel the baby move.

A week into the fourth month and I was yet to feel anything, not that I hadn't been looking out for it. Any slight movement or sound and I had my hands on my belly, hoping to feel something. The fact that I hadn't felt anything didn't worry me until last night when I was experiencing some unusual pain. I began to freak out a little when my friends reassured me that it was all apart of everything stretching and growing inside of me. No need to worry.

Well, guess what happened this afternoon? I felt it! I felt little Baby Danner moving around inside of me. This was definitely more than food digesting, this was a very pronounced little kick!

God is good!

Here we are at 16 weeks. People are starting to notice the baby bump and touch it too!

I always look bigger at night after dinner. We went out for sushi the other night (vegetarian of course!) and I guess I looked huge afterwards because Matt was just beside himself. "What do you have in there?" he said. "It's like you weren't pregnant yesterday and now you're really pregnant!"

Just wait mister! I'm going to get HUGE!


Anonymous said...

Yay! How exciting!!!!! :)

Jessica Lynn said...

Awww, I can only imagine what that feeling must be like. how fun!!

Denise said... look so adorable pregnant, just how I thought you would! I miss you! do you and matt know if you are having a girl or boy yet? Keep in touch....I love your blog!! Must be because of your previous experience blogging for LHHC!!! Haha

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