Thursday, December 1, 2011

O Christmas Tree!

If there was ever a time that I wish I had mad photography skills it's at Christmas. I really really wish I had the ability to capture the beauty of our tree and share it with you. 

My favorite part about Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. I love it! I love getting out the old ornaments and reminiscing about when and where we got them. I love the way the ornaments look with the tree lights shinning on them. I love the way the tree makes our living room so much more cozy. I just love it! And this year, I am loving the smell of our very first real tree and I'm evening enjoying watering it daily.

 I haven't finished decorating yet, I want to make some stockings and add a few other things, but I thought this was appropriate for the first day of December. Even if the photos are horrible, you get the idea and I think this precious smile, makes up for the blurriness, over exposure and whatever else went wrong while taking these.

Happy 1st of December!

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Erin said...

so sweet :) love this time of year!

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