Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maybe She's Teething?

Our sweet little girl hasn't been so sweet lately. In fact, she's been a bit of a brat and super clingy. This sweet face has been MIA which makes me think that.....maybe she's teething?

Whenever Addy is acting extra fussy or has a bad night, we usually blame it on teething but since she only has two teeth, I think we've been wrong a few times.

Over the Christmas weekend, I was positive that she was getting her first top tooth. I saw it and felt it and thought for sure it was the reason for her sluggish, grumpy behavior. Well, it's been three weeks and that little tooth has just disappeared.

Teething is such a mystery to me. But I guess most things are when they are this little and not able to communicate. 

Today the grumpiness is back but there is still no sign of the tooth. I've enjoyed the extra snuggle time but I'm hoping that little guy makes his appearance soon. I want my sweet little girl back.


Jessica Baca said...

That is exactly how Jack has been lately! P.S. Her hair bows are so cute!

Erin said...

Aw poor little girl :( I once heard something about giving babies a little bit of brandy when they are teething....ha ha maybe that person was crazy....but maybe it works! It seems strange!

Steffanie Lusoc said...
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