Friday, April 13, 2012

Five for Fridays

Happy Friday friends! Isn't Friday just the best? Addy and I walked to the park to meet up with friends this morning and if the wind doesn't pick up this afternoon (fingers crossed!) we might just go out on another walk. We just love this time of year! But enough about us girls, Fridays are all about Matt!

1. I might have been a little distracted at church on Sunday thinking about the handsome man sitting next to me. (That was you of course)
2. I enjoyed giggling with you while watching Modern Family last night
3. I've also enjoyed watching Smash with you. It's fun when we find something we both like
4. I think that if you were as skinny as the guys on that show, that would just be gross. I like you just the way you are.
5. You're going to help me re-organize the office/craft room this weekend, so that I can get the most use out of the space. Thank you! I was feeling very intimidated by that project.

P.S. I love you  :)

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