Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stay Right There While I Get My Camera!

After doing the laundry the other day, I left Addy in the laundry room with one of her toys while I went to get another load of clothes. I heard her crying and when I went to see what was up, this is what I found:

 I think she lost her toy in the hamper and when she went in after it, she got stuck. And like the loving mother that I am, I ran to get my phone and snapped a picture before helping her out. Poor thing wasn't too happy about that and it actually wasn't easy getting her out of there.

Then, yesterday, during blanket time, Addy figured out how to turn her toy bin over and climbed on top of it. Once again, like the good mom that I am, I snapped a quick pic before telling her that was a big no no.

Look at that balance! We might have a little gymnast on our hands.

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