Monday, April 2, 2012

A Toddler....

Well friends, it's official, my little lady has become a toddler. I don't know when it happened but here's how I know that it did indeed happen:

My "baby" plays with babies. Addy received two baby dolls for her Birthday and she loves them! I had no idea, but she has been attached to them ever since we unwrapped them. 

She walks or "toddles" everywhere and is no longer content to be held, or stay in one spot. 

She wants to be a big girl. Look at how proud she is to be sitting in a chair all by herself.

She can feed herself. She might not be able to use a spoon yet but the only foods she likes are the ones she can control.

She's growing up! And as if that's not enough, we're going to have to move her from the nursery to the "Walker's" class at church soon. I was totally OK with her turning one, but I'm just not ready to send her in there with all those big kids.

Our life is changing and if it weren't for my friends with kiddos older than Addy, I would be totally clueless about this next stage. Most of my day today involved cleaning up after her. I'm quickly learning, as most of you experienced Mom's probably already know, that there are some foods you don't give a toddler because they are just too messy. And you probably also know how easy it is not to clean up a toddler; so much screaming involved!

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