Sunday, July 10, 2011

Addy is 4 Months Old!

Miss Adelyne turned 4 months old yesterday. 

Four months is a frustrating age for a little girl who recently learned to roll over. As soon as we lay her on her back to play, she rolls to her tummy and then the grunting begins. She grunts and cries until we turn her back over only to see her roll back onto to her tummy. Sometimes if she gets enough momentum she just keeps rolling and rolling.

Addy's little world is getting bigger. Her and Mr. Monkey actually interacted during our photo session this month. Addy tried to bite his face off.

Four months huh? Gosh I'm old. 

 Addy will go to the doctor this week for her 4 month shots. I'm excited to see how much she weighs and hopefully get the green light from the pediatrician on starting solid foods. That will be a fun new adventure!

 If it's at all possible, Addy has us falling even more in love with her everyday. She is such a joy! I am so thankful for everyday I get to spend being her Momma.

 Happy Birthday Silly Girl!

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paige said...

addy is SO precious!!!!
oh my word!
i love the growing photos taken beside a little lovie. we did that too...with the first anyway!

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