Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pamper Yourself

Today I am linking up with Gussy from Gussy Sews. Her blog is one of my favorites to stalk, I mean read. Each week she sends out an inspirational prompt and I thought it would be fun to play along. This week's prompt was "Pamper Yourself."

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Did this make anyone else think of "Frost Yourself" from "How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days."

Source: via Kody on Pinterest

Ok, back to the prompt.
My Mom and I used to go on pedicure dates before I got married and moved away. I love pedicures! They are so relaxing and I love how soft my feet feel afterwards. I don't get to go that often so they are a big treat and this past week, I was treated twice!
My Mother's Day Gift from my Mother-in-Law was a trip to get my nails done while she watched my little one. It was lovely and while I was sitting there, I thought about how much fun it will be to treat Addy to pedicure dates when she gets older.

Although she didn't get her toes painted, Addy did get her first taste of a fun girls outing to the nail salon this weekend. While the boys went golfing, us girls chose a more relaxing activity. I dressed her in a cute new onesie from Aunt M with a matching bow especially for our outing but the lady doing my toes still couldn't tell she was a girl.

Nail Lady: "Boy?'
Me: "No Girl."
Nail Lady: "Looks like a boy."
Me: "She's wearing a bow!"

We might have to wait till she grows more hair before we go back again :)


Kelly said...

LOL. when my son was an infant everyone would ask if he was a girl. he had tons of long black hair. i would say no he's a boy he's dressed in blue. some people. ha.

Kelly said...

oh i dropped by from gussy!

kris {life at the table} said...

how special! i know she'll love the continued tradition when she gets older.

Stephanie said...

That always amazes me when someone can confuse a little girl decked out with a huge bow (and pink taboot!) as being a little boy! Who dresses their little boys in pink polka-dotted bows ?! Crazy.
Glad you were able to be pampered though :)

The Duty's said...

LOVE the matching toe nails!!!!! super cute!!!

jenna duty

The Duty's said...

oh and some people will ask me if my little girl is a boy too. even though her hair is pretty long and she always is wearing a bow and pink. and i think she looks like a girl. it's usually older people. haha

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