Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Addy Update

It's been a little while since Addy has had a post all her own and I think we're overdue for an update. Plus, she's been doing a lot of really cute things lately and I like to brag about her.

Yesterday, as we were getting ready for church, Addy found one of my old purses. She put it over her shoulder, walked out of the bathroom, turned around and waved bye-bye. Matt and I just stood there, somewhat shocked and maybe on the verge of tears. It was the sweetest thing and also one of the most grown up things she's done. 

Today, she decided to take her Baby Doll grocery shopping with us. 

She's such a good Momma, not leaving her baby in the hot car.

This girl still loves to read, just like her Momma. We went to the library a couple of weeks ago. Addy was so excited that she wouldn't sit still long enough to read through a book. She kept bringing more over to me. We left with a stack of books and I've enjoyed having something new to read to her. There's only so many times I can read "Curious George and the Bunny."

Eating is still a struggle for Addy, but even on hard days, Matt and I go to bed talking about how sweet she is and how much we love her. We're so lucky to be her parents.

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