Monday, May 14, 2012

What the 505 Hasn't Got

In June, we will have lived in Albuquerque for four years. We've come to love the 505 these past four years, we have no plans of leaving and I hardly ever miss my hometown in southern New Mexico. But, there are few areas where Las Cruces has Albuquerque beat. The LC is home to my parents, some really good old friends and the most delicious Mexican food ever! During this past trip, I discovered a few other things that need to be added to that list:

- A Farmer's Market
After coffee on Saturday morning, my bestie and I browsed 3 (or more) blocks of homemade/homegrown goodness in downtown Las Cruces. I didn't buy anything but I had a great time being outside and hanging out with her. I wish our farmer's market were at all comparable.

- Clean Discount Stores
I love to shop at Marshall's and Ross while in the LC. We have two of each of those in Albuquerque and I HATE going because they are ghetto, unorganized and it takes forever to check out! But in Cruces, they are clean and I usually have my Mom or BFF with me to help dig through the clothes to find treasures.

- Fun Dressing Rooms
I may be shopping in the wrong stores but I've never seen this in any of our dressing rooms and I thought it was super cute!


So, that's my little shout out for the 575. Thanks for a great trip Cruces!

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