Monday, July 2, 2012

Addy's First Haircut

June was a big month for Miss Adelyne, not only did she drop her morning nap and move to a big girl car seat, but she also got her first big girl haircut!

Matt had trimmed her hair a couple of times, just to clean it up a bit, but we were scared to go anywhere near her bangs. Over the past couple of months, her bangs had been growing and falling in her face and poor thing was having a hard time seeing.

So, after asking around a bit, I finally made an appointment at Jungle Cuts.

Addy freaked out a little at first but with her lovey and snack in hand, she calmed down. That single tear stayed right there on her cheek almost the whole time.

Addy's sweet Auntie Morgan and Carter Boy came along to take some pics.

Ah! I love seeing that pretty face, not hiding behind her bangs.

The new do! It's layered in the back so it doesn't look as "mullletish."

Jungle Cuts is a super cute place, after her haircut, Addy got to pick out a toy.

The ball seemed like a pretty good pick until....

she found the duck, and Addy loves ducks.

Isn't she pretty? And so grown up! Nothing like getting your bangs trimmed to make you look months older :)

Thanks Morgan and Carter for coming along and making the day so special!

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