Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Aftermath


We just got back this weekend from a wonderful family trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. We had a great time but after taking the red-eye home Saturday night, we've been playing catch up. My house looks a little bit like the aftermath of a tornado; piles of dirty clothes, clean clothes to put away and suitcases halfway unpacked. 

All three of us slept in until almost nine yesterday morning. It's only a four hour time difference but we're still having trouble figuring out when we're supposed to be doing what, especially Addy. She was glad to get back home to all her toys and her chores. She jumped right back into pushing in the chairs and organizing everything.

"This pantry hasn't been organized in days! Good thing we came home when we did!"

We're definitely having some Hawaii withdrawals. When I pulled into the bank today and rolled down the window, I swear it smelt just like the salty beach air and all Addy wants to eat are Cheetos. She might have picked up a few bad eating habits on vacation.

I'm slowly sorting through the many photos from our trip and hoping to get some posted soon. Until then, I'll leave you with a few pics of Addy taken on my phone. Question: When you travel, do you take a regular camera and your iPhone? I did both but looking back it seems a little unnecessary since I just have a point and shoot.


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