Friday, July 27, 2012

Addy's First Plane Ride

Our vacation to Hawaii included two major firsts for Addy; her first plane ride and her first trip to the beach.

I started preparing for her inaugural plan ride months in advance by asking for advice from experienced moms and researching activities for toddlers. It must have paid off because over all, the trip went really well. Addy probably only slept for about an hour the entire day but I'd say she did pretty good given the circumstances.

I don't think she knew what a plane was before this trip, but she can now point them out in the sky.

On the second and the longest leg of our trip, she fell asleep on my lap. This NEVER happens so I was in heaven, until the annoying flight attendant came on the PA and woke her up. She never fell back asleep.

Going over the emergency landing procedure.

We were prepared for just about every scenario on the plane except for three poopy diapers. Your options for changing a diaper on the plane are in the very small, very gross bathroom, or at your seat. I tried both and neither were ideal. The passengers sitting next to us were troopers and super nice but poor Addy became known for the smell of her dirty diaper. The best part was when the flight attendant said: "I'll just go ahead and double bag that."

Thankfully, we didn't have to deal with any stinky diapers on the ride home because Addy slept the whole way. The red eye has it's perks.

Do you see George back there? He is quite the traveller.

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