Thursday, February 9, 2012

Addy is 11 Months Old!

 Today is Adelyne's 11 month birthday and sadly, our last monthly update. Next month she will be a year old. Crazy!

 I've had thoughts about just skipping over her birthday and acting like it never happened. But I don't think that would be fair to her and we have a super cute theme picked out for her party. I guess we'll just have to go through with it.

This past month has been a fun one with Miss Addy. It seems that she is learning or doing something new everyday.

Addy is standing up on her now, but not quite adventurous enough to walk yet, although she does love to walk all over the house using the walker she got for Christmas. That will keep her entertained for hours.

She's become a bit of a bookworm. It totally melts my heart when she scoots over to my lap carrying a book. Sometimes, we'll read the same one five times or more. Her favorite are the flip books, she's always surprised to find "baby" under the blanket at the end. 

 It's hard to tell in this pic but she got a really big kick out of that piece of paper.

Addy loves to be around kids. Although she might not interact with them the entire time, she's always in a better mood after playgroup or being in the nursery at church. It's so cute how she now recognizes her friends like Cousin Carter and her buddy Sophia and is always excited to see them.

I'm so glad I was able to capture this final picture. It sums up everything Addy has been doing this past month. She will often stand/sit with one leg up like that, almost as if she's about to get up and walk. And lately she will have her arms reached out like this when I go to get her out of her crib. And then there's the smile. I love that smile.

Happy 11 months sweet Addy Grace! We love you!!!!

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Holly said...

Addy is precious. How quickly they grow! Soon she will be walking... then running... then there's no stopping her. Get ready to do some chasing. :)

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