Monday, February 13, 2012

First Night Away and Other Weekend Snapshots

This past weekend was an eventful one here in the 505. Matt and I celebrated Valentine's Day with a trip to Santa Fe. We left Addy with her Grandma-Ree and Grandpa Ron. It was our first night apart and I am proud to say that we all survived, even the grandparents. 

After spending a fun afternoon with Aunt M and Cousin Carter at the park, we received a rather large package from UPS on Friday night while Matt was punching in some extra time at the office, preparing for our big night away. After reading the label, I assumed it was a V-Day gift from the hubby. Silly me, forgot that I am not the only girl in the house who can receive gifts.

"CAUTION: Do not open if allergic to any of the following: Hugs, Kisses, Laughing till you cry, Cuddling, Showing your teeth, Oohs & Ahhs, Warm fuzzy feeling, Pure awesomeness, Belly laughs and Cheek cramps."

 I quickly realized after opening it that I was not the intended recipient. I had a good guess of who sent it before I found the card. My grandparents are great. I can just see my Grandma getting a big kick out this "Big Hunka Love Bear."

"4 1/2 Feet of Love."

Addy still doesn't really know what to think. At first she was scared and now she is just really curious about the very large animal that now lives beside her crib. I hope she doesn't have nightmares.

On Saturday afternoon we dropped Addy and a huge bucket of toys off at her grandparents (We left the Big Hunka Bear at home to watch over the place). While Grandma distracted her with a laundry basket, we snuck out the door. 

Last week Matt told one of his co-workers that we were going away for the first time and they said "You'll have a great time; your wife will hate it." Well, I'll have you know that when we left, I didn't shed a tear, never felt sad and didn't tell Matt that I missed Addy until the next morning. We both actually had a great time. I love the girl more than anything, but sometimes you just need a break and a romantic night away with my hubby was just what I needed.

We stayed at Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino where we were able to soak in the hot tub, sip on adult beverages, pig out at the buffet and then walk it all off on what seemed like a mile long hike back to our room. I'll know next time not ask for the "mountain view." There are not enough elevators in that place. 

 The resort was great but I think our favorite part of the trip was when we stopped for a late lunch at the Santa Fe Brewering Company. Turned out that they didn't serve food, just beer. But since neither of us were very hunger, we split a beer (lame, I know but I was still feeling a little funny from a bug I got earlier that week) and ventured up to the game room where we played a couple rounds of darts and Fuse Ball. By the way, I kick butt at darts. Who knew? I can't say the same about fuse ball though.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to snow.

 After brunch in Albuquerque, we went to pick up our girl. When Matt's Mom answered the door, we were greeted by a smiling little girl. From what we heard, they all had a great time. Cousin Carter even came over for a little while. They must have played hard that night because Addy crashed as soon as we got in the car; too much fun at Grandma's house.

 Our first night away was huge success. Thanks Grandma-Ree and Grandpa Ron for watching over our little one.

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