Monday, February 20, 2012

She Walked!

Good Morning and Happy Monday Friends!

This may sound odd but I really like Mondays. Call me weird, but for me, it's a day to unwind and get back into my routine. We usually do so much on the weekends that I feel like I need Monday to recover and get my house back in order. Do any of you other Stay at Home Moms feel the same way?

We have some big news to share.... this little lady walked for the first time this weekend! 

And when I say she "walked," I mean she just walked. Once. She's not walking because she really hasn't been able to do it since Saturday night, when she walked down pretty much our entire hallway. 

We were watching a friend's son on Saturday night and playing hide and go seek when I set Addy down (on her feet) thinking she would crawl after her little buddy, Alex, like she had been doing. Well, she surprised all of us when she took off on her feet. She must have taken about 5 steps before she fell on her little booty. Matt and I were shocked that 1) she just did it and 2) she went so far on her first try. She walked around a couple more times that night and went to bed early on account of grumpiness.

Since that night she's only taken a few, very wobbly, steps at a time. She seems to have lost her confidence, or maybe she just doesn't have anyone to show off for. She's such a fickle little thing.


cody and carrie said...

so cool! she'll be on the move by her bday! and i totally agree about Mondays. It's the morning we stay home and the one day I don't shower. sshhh don't tell anyone ;)

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I like your style: brief and informative. Good job!

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