Monday, June 11, 2012

April in the 505

I realize that in the blogging world, what we did in April has absolutely no relevance anymore and probably no one cares, but for scrapbooking purposes and because I have an awful memory, I'm posting this anyways.

Here's a (belated) look at what the Danner family was up to in April via the iphone:

Rainy Day = Great opportunity to wear rain boots and hat

Gloomy, Snowy Morning 
(Those were my PJ's back in the day)

Walking Buddies// Easter Fun with Aunt M// Lunch Date with Cousin Carter// Grandma Snuggles// Lunch with Dad// Jazzercise Baby

Saturday Morning Snuggles

Playin' Birds and Helping Dad Get Some Work Done

Beautiful Blooms on our Afternoon Strolls

Pretty Little Lady
(She learned how to walk over the threshold this month!)

Movie Night on Matt's Birthday!

Next up: May in the 505!

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